Simple storage solutions to maximise space in your home

As we adjust to life at home, the value of having enough space to yourself has never been clearer. Whether you need a quiet corner to work from home, an extra bedroom for a growing family or outside space that you can call your own, many people will be looking to upgrade for more space as soon as they can.

However, until circumstances mean you are able to move; we will all have to do what we can where we are.

If you’re finding your work papers are wandering around the home or you’re getting tired of tripping over the kids toys, there are some simple and straightforward ways to maximise the storage space in your current home. From easy hacks, to DIY fixes – read on for our smart storage tips to tide you over until you can move home for more space.

Keep the floor clear

Creating a sense of openness in your home is often about tricking your eye into seeing more space. Well-placed mirrors, clever lighting and intelligent storage can all do the job, but keeping a clear floor creates perhaps the greatest impression of extra space.

You can free up floor space by using free-standing storage. Keep sight horizons clear of obstacles by adding hanging racks to doors or free-standing shelving to your wall. This piece of decorating magic will give you a sense of more space in minutes.

Find a playful home for toys

If you have little ones, give their toys a place to call home. Get your hands on wooden boxes and let the children get crafty with paints and fingerprints. You might even find you have an extra pair of hands when it comes to tidy-up time.

Hide storage in plain sight

Some of the best storage is invisible. Revamp old boxes, a chest of drawers, or even your wardrobe, by painting them the same colour as your walls. Each piece will immediately blend in, giving you the illusion of more space.

Make the most of high ceilings

Using the full height of your rooms can help hide things out of sight. Whether it is books, bed sheets or beautiful old keepsakes, high-level cabinets and shelving can keep rarely-needed items safely stored away, but still easily accessible.

Take advantage of your hallway

Hallways are a place where clutter can inadvertently accumulate. For a quick fix, stack wicker baskets to hide away shoes and coats. Or, if you need easy access, keep things visible by using coat pegs and shoe racks.

Utilise nooks and crannies

Every inch of space in your home is precious, but some areas are easy to overlook. Could you turn the spot under your stairs into a play area with colourful cushions and toy boxes? Or transform an alcove into a mini library for your books? Or make better use of the kitchen windowsill by creating space of potted herbs or a spice rack?

Don’t overlook the humble hook

Some of the simplest storage solutions are the most effective. Hang hooks on doors and cupboards to tidy away winter accessories. Or, use brass ones to display a precious jewelry collection.

Make the most of outdoor space

If you’re lucky enough to have outside space to play with, use it. Many children’s toys and garden tools can be safely stored outside so why not keep them in boxes under a garden bench? And not everything needs to be hidden away: brightly-coloured watering cans or unused pots can be decorative items in their own right, both practical and beautiful. Why not make a home for them among the flowers?

Whilst you plan your future somewhere more spacious, more comfortable and more ‘you’, these easy and inexpensive changes can help tide you over until you feel you are able to move from your current home. Homes at Brabazon are designed with a range of storage solutions as standard, so all you have to do is add the finishing touches.

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