Viv & Steve's Story

After living in a Victorian home near Bristol city centre for 34 years, Viv and Steve decided it was time for a change when their children moved out. They hadn’t previously considered buying a new build home, until a spontaneous visit to Brabazon changed their mind...

We spoke to Viv to find out what made her decide to call The Hangar District home.

Viv said, “All the other new build homes we had visited before always felt too small – dark rooms, tiny windows… That just wasn’t the type of home we were looking for. The render and finish of other new builds nearby also seemed to deteriorate quickly.

“We wanted a house that we felt really happy to return home to.

"The houses at Brabazon looked very different to the other new builds we had seen, so we booked a visit to the show home with Kate, one of the New Homes Consultants.

“We were immediately struck by the light and spaciousness of the show home.

“Now we have moved in, some of our favourite features are still the size of the windows and the ceiling heights. We love the amount of light that comes into our house.

“We’ve also really noticed how well-insulated the house is – it’s really energy efficient.

“Although we had planned to downsize, we actually have more space in this house than in our previous home! And having a carport with off-street parking is a big plus!

“We thought we would struggle moving away from the house and community we had been part of for 34 years, but Brabazon has opened a new chapter for us.”