A new adventure begins at Brabazon

Welcome to a thriving new neighbourhood for Bristol.

Filton Airfield is steeped in history. Now, where pioneers once reached for the skies, tomorrow’s vision is taking flight. Here a new generation will live. Businesses will grow. A whole new community will thrive.

Brabazon is a place where we can all dream big.


Home to the Hurricane aircraft. Birthplace of Concorde and supersonic travel. Site of aviation record-making. There are few places on earth that match Filton Airfield for ingenuity, ambition and achievement.

This spirit of collaboration, endeavour and innovation will live on at Brabazon. Bold vision will triumph once more.

Brabazon's vision

Brabazon will mean living smarter

We're creating tomorrow's homes for Bristol. Pushing design and interior space, in style. Elevating smart technology and energy efficiency. Championing neighbourhoods.

Transport links to bristol and beyond

New railway station. Dedicated metrobus and cycle routes. With the UK's fastest growing airport on the doorstep.


A proposed supersonic new venue for Bristol

Inspired by Bristol
Bristol is our n0.1 choice
Brabazon is the first major UK development in our global real estate portfolio. Filton Airfield represents the best of human ingenuity, so we're investing over £2 billion to make sure Brabazon lives up to that legacy for a new generation.
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