Could A New Home Help To Reduce Your Energy Bills?

Moving from an older property to a new A-rated, energy-efficient home like the new houses at Brabazon could make a real difference when it comes to your heating and electricity bills.

A new A-rated home at Brabazon is up to 90% more energy efficient than the typical older property in the UK. This could save you almost £2,417.00 a year on your energy bills!*

Not only that, but you will also be reducing your impact on the environment, too!

The average property in the UK produces 6 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year. The new homes at The Hangar District are on average responsible for just 0.3 to 0.8 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. That’s a reduction of up to 93%!**

Let us tell you what makes a new home at Brabazon much more efficient…

1. The Fabric and Materials

The fabric and materials used to build the new homes at Brabazon are up to 10% more efficient than regulations require.

This helps to make your new house feel like a ‘real’ home, and keeps the heat that you pay for in, and any cold drafts out!

2. Energy-Efficient Systems and Appliances

Every home at The Hangar District is fitted with brand-new heating and hot-water systems, water-saving features like dual-flush toilets, and the latest energy-efficient household appliances. It’s all included as standard.

These help to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat the hot water for your morning shower, warm the oven to cook your evening meal, and even charge your electric car. These unnoticed heroes that can make a big difference to reducing your energy bills.

3. Standout Design Features

The new houses at The Hangar District are built on a south-facing hillside and include standout design features like generous picture windows.

These allow lots of natural sunlight into the homes throughout the day, helping to warm the rooms, while the A-rated double-glazed windows and doors then help to keep the heat in!

4. Renewable Energy Sources

For an added energy boost, the electricity supply in all new houses at Brabazon is supported by photovoltaic (PV) solar panels: another energy-saving feature which is included as standard.

The solar panels on the new houses at Brabazon could reduce your electricity bills by up to 35% per year, or even up to 53% if an additional home battery is installed***. So, not only will you be reducing your energy bills, but you will be living more sustainably too by using clean, renewable energy.

All these energy-saving design features and smart technologies mean that you could save almost 90% on your energy bills each year in a new home at Brabazon - a potential annual saving of up to £2,417.00 on your energy bills!*

So, what are you waiting for? Contact our New Homes Consultants today to find a more energy-efficient home that's much more you.


Information in this article has been prepared for general information only. It is provided in good faith and any figures quoted are indicative based on research as outlined in the sources below.

Whilst efforts have been made to ensure accuracy at the time of publication, YTL Developments and YTL Homes are not liable for any inaccuracies. Specification and performance of individual homes may vary and the percentage of A-rated houses may change over time. Prospective purchasers should take appropriate steps to satisfy themselves with the final details of any property (including by inspection, by seeking professional advice and other relevant measures), at the point of reservation.

Any reduction in energy bills, including reduction due to PV solar panels or other system, fixture or appliance, is – like levels of energy consumption and bills calculated under the SAP - based on a number of factors and assumptions, including but not limited to assumed occupancy levels, personal lifestyle, habits, heating profiles, consumption behaviour, levels of and changes to energy prices, maintenance of the property, and weather patterns.

The estimates provided here are based on typical usage patterns at the time of publication but will vary on an individual basis and should be treated as indicative.


*Comparing The Burney - a 3-bedroom mid-terrace townhouse at The Hangar District with an equivalent property built before 1978, as calculated by the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). Gas and electricity costs are modelled at the average unit rates for dual-fuel customers paying by direct debit under the Energy Price Cap and Guarantee: Electricity 28.62p/kWh. Gas 7.42p/kWh. Calculations include an electricity standing charge of 53p and a gas standing charge of 29p, in accordance with EPC convention. Rates and standing charges are averages, which vary by region. Assumes payment by direct debit and includes VAT at 5%.

** Comparison taken from the EPC for 7 Fairlawn Avenue, BS34 4AB ("Environmental impact of this property"). Information correct as of 4th November 2022.

*** Source: Hydrock, in a study completed on behalf of YTL Developments in September 2020. Electricity cost modelled at £0.13/kWh. Gas cost modelled at £0.04/kWh. Heating consumption for an older home based on the notional u-values in Building Regs Part L1A 2002. PV solar panels are included with all homes as standard. Home battery is a chargeable upgrade and subject to availability.