5 Benefits of Buying a New Home Over an Older Property

1. More Included As Standard

Particularly if it is your first home, there are lots of little extras that could crop up if you buy an older property. Will you need to buy new appliances? Do you need to budget for new carpets or a new kitchen?

When buying a new home in North Bristol at Brabazon, you get much more included as standard. Every home comes with energy-efficient, integrated Siemens appliances, engineered timber flooring, built in wardrobes, and finely-woven carpets as standard, so you don’t have to budget a lot of extra money beyond the purchase price!

2. More Peace of Mind

With many older properties for sale, you never quite know what you’re getting yourself into: cracks in walls, gaps in the window or door frames, issues with the foundations, or problems with the drainage.

By contrast, at Brabazon you can rest assured that the home you are purchasing is built to the highest standards.

From the day the first brick is laid to the day you buy our dedicated Quality Manager oversees every stage of construction at Brabazon to ensure that our commitment to quality shines through in every home.

What’s more, you don’t just need to take our word for it. We comply with the Consumer Code for Home Builders, so you know that we will do the right thing by you if any small details do slip through the net. And all our homes come with the added peace of mind of a 10-year warranty from the National House Building Council (NHBC).

3. More Straightforward

Buying a new home is more straightforward than buying an older property.

One of the biggest bugbears of many house hunters is being caught in a chain. Many buyers on the resale market find themselves enduring months of misery while their sellers search out their dream home in turn.

Finding yourself in the middle of a long series of linked sales can cause lots of uncertainty, with the knowledge that the sale could fall through at any moment. In many cases, buyers can spend hundreds of pounds on surveys, mortgage application fees and solicitors’ costs, only to see another sale cause the chain to fall apart, all through no fault of their own.

However, buying a new home at Brabazon means that your purchase will always be at the top of the chain. That means the process is much more straightforward, with none of the annoyance of waiting for others to be ready to move.

4. Move More Quickly

One of the big benefits of buying new is that you can move more quickly.

It starts with the conveyancing process. At Brabazon, all the information your legal advisers will need to complete the sale on your behalf is ready, whereas with a resale property you may have to wait for the legal contract of sale to be drawn up from scratch.

Then there is fact that buying a new home almost always results in a shorter sales chain, meaning that you are not dependent on someone else’s sale to complete your property purchase. At Brabazon, we will always be clear with you on your expected completion dates, leaving you with more time to plan what colour you want to paint your walls, or where to buy the comfiest new sofa.

5. More Energy Efficient

When planning your purchase, it’s not just the upfront price you should think about. It is also worth considering the running costs of your new home. How much will energy cost you? What about the water bill? How much will you have to spend on maintenance?

Brabazon homes are built to be energy efficient. Only 1% of homes in the UK achieve an A-rated Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). But, at Brabazon all our homes have been assessed with an A or B rating on their EPCs.

The excellent energy-efficiency of the new homes for sale at Brabazon comes from features that are all included as standard. Firstly, every house at Brabazon includes solar panels, which could reduce your house’s electricity use by up to 35% on average. The fabric and insulation of the properties for sale are 10% more efficient than regulations require and every house at Brabazon also includes an electric car charging point.

And because the homes are brand new they benefit from lower maintenance costs. That means buying a new home at Brabazon means fewer unexpected bills, whilst the extra energy efficiency also helps you in doing your bit for the environment: a great win-win!