Deciding to sell a house and move home is always an exciting time. But anyone who has made that decision will know that plenty of questions will come up through the process.

When is the best time to sell your home? How do you get the best price? And for those who are in a rush to move, how can you sell your house quickly?

We spoke to Vicky Dudbridge, Director of Savills estate agents in Bristol, who says that with the way the market is shaping up in 2022, now is the best time to be selling a house.

“Traditionally the resale market has been very seasonal. In previous years, those with a property to sell often felt that they should wait until spring or summer to put their house on the market.

“However, the market has changed in recent years. Seasonality has become less and less important. This year in particular, many people looking to buy right now, so we are advising sellers to act straight away.”

This is especially true if you are looking to buy a new home on a new-build development, advises Vicky; “If you are interested in a new home at a popular new neighbourhood, like Brabazon here in Bristol, it pays to put yourself in the best position at an early stage. The good news is that by adopting the right strategy you can move a lot quicker than you may expect.”

5 top tips for selling your home quickly

We asked Vicky for her top tips for securing a quick sale. Here's what she recommends:

1. First impressions count when selling a house

“When selling a house, it’s important to present your home in its best light. Make sure to get the windows cleaned, tidy up the garden and de-clutter inside as much as you are able to. A quick maintenance check is also a good idea, but speak to your estate agent before spending time and money on improvements to check they will add value.”

2. Set an attractive but competitive listing price for your house

“The key is to price your property at the right level from day one. The best way to achieve the highest sale price is to get more buyers through the door at the outset. It is often the case that properties priced most competitively can generate competition among more interested buyers, helping to achieve a higher value.

“Listen to the advice of your agent. And in particular, think about thresholds on property portals before setting your asking price. Sitting just below a significant maximum price threshold will make your property more visible in property portals' search results.”

3. Professional photography is essential when selling a house

“If you have spent any time on property portals you will appreciate the difference high-quality photography makes. The professionals know how to capture your home at its best, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves.”

4. Appoint a solicitor as soon as you list your property for sale

“Don’t wait until you have a buyer to prepare the contract and legal documents for your house sale, especially if you have lived at the property for some time. Appointing a solicitor at the outset can smooth the process and help you to achieve a quick sale. Your agent can advise you on local conveyancing firms that have the best reputations.”

5. Make good use of your estate agent

“The best local agents are fountains of knowledge when it comes to selling your home. Listen to their advice, ask questions and take a proactive approach throughout the sale process.”

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