Situated on the historic former Filton Airfield, Brabazon is not only set to become a vibrant new community but a beacon of life-saving innovation. YTL Developments, in collaboration with GWAAC, is pioneering a ground-breaking initiative to install defibrillators at strategic locations across Brabazon, ensuring that residents have access to critical life-saving equipment within a three-minute return walk.

This partnership isn't just about placing devices; it's about empowering residents with life-saving skills. Everyone at Brabazon will have the opportunity to learn how to use these defibrillators effectively, along with essential CPR techniques. With this support network in place, the chances of survival for someone experiencing a cardiac arrest nearby could skyrocket from less than 10% to nearly 70%.

But the initiative doesn't stop there. For every house sold in Brabazon's first and second phases, YTL Developments will donate £100 to GWAAC, ensuring ongoing support for emergency medical services across the region.

Anna Perry, CEO of the Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, emphasized the importance of community collaboration in their life-saving mission. "Our critical care team works tirelessly to respond to emergencies, but we can't do it alone," she stated. "Thanks to partnerships like this with YTL Developments, we can enhance emergency response efforts and ensure everyone in Bristol and surrounding areas receives the support they need during medical emergencies."

According to Jon McDiarmid, Director at YTL Developments, "Our partnership with GWAAC epitomises our vision for Brabazon: it’s about creating sustainable communities where every generation can thrive.

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