6 Reasons To Make The Move to Townhouse Living

Thinking of making the move to townhouse living?

In this article, we look at what makes a townhouse different compared to other homes, and what the possible advantages and disadvantages may be of living in one.

What is a Townhouse in the UK?

First used by the British aristocracy, the term ‘townhouse’ once referred to a second home in the centre of the city - closer to urban amenities - from a time when upper class families would have country estates.

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In the UK today, townhouses can be found both in the city and the countryside. A townhouse is typically a terraced home - new or old - with three or more floors. 

While a townhouse is a type of house, it differs from suburban two-storey homes thanks to its taller, vertical structure. Not only does this mean that townhouses often offer more space for your money, but also a greater sense of community as part of a row of terraced homes.

House vs. Townhouse: The Pros and Cons of Living In A Townhouse

6 Amazing Advantages of Townhouse Living

1. More Freedom & More Flexibility 

A place for relaxing with a cinema room or home exercise studio. For entertaining friends or a study for working from home. A playroom for the kids or a secluded principal bedroom suite for sleeping.

Townhouses are incredibly versatile homes, with their flexible floor plans allowing some rooms or even entire floors to be dedicated to certain activities or family members!

At Brabazon, The Brandon three-storey home offers flexibility with a fifth extra room which can be used as a top-floor home study or a nursery, undisturbed by the open-plan living-dining area on the ground floor.

2. More Privacy & Separation

With their bedrooms and living spaces typically distributed across different levels, family members can retreat to their own space in a townhouse for relaxation, for work, or for personal time without disruptions.

This enhanced privacy is particularly beneficial for multi-generational families or for households with teenagers seeking their own independence.

3. More Space That’s More Affordable

Homes over three floors offer incredible value for money.  While they are typically larger than standard one and two-storey houses, the space is distributed vertically, rather than horizontally, meaning their footprint is often the same or smaller!

Some townhouses (like those at Brabazon) also have not one but two outdoor spaces. The Burney is a three-bedroom townhouse that has a terrace off the first-floor living room, and a private ground-floor courtyard garden that opens directly onto a communal residents’ green space.

4. More Height & More Light

You won’t find yourself feeling cramped by restricted ceiling heights in a townhouse as you may in a house that has had a loft conversion.

Unlike two-storey houses with loft conversions, townhouses offer a “fully developed” third-floor, with full-height ceilings, windows, and doors.

5. More to See

Thanks to the extra floor, there is often more to see from a townhouse, with better views from the upper storey, making for peaceful mornings and lush sunset panoramas.

For example, The Wayfarer at Brabazon comes with a first-floor terrace and stunning top-floor views across Brabazon Park.

6. Community

Living on terraced streets offers a wonderful sense of community. This is further boosted by the shared green spaces like mini parks and play areas, which are often found around townhouses. 

The Possible Disadvantages of Living in a Townhouse

Of course, life over three storeys may not be for everyone right now, or ever. And that’s ok!

You may feel that you and your family are more suited to life in an apartment, like at The Dials, where extra facilities like a communal fitness centre are already included. Or it may be that a two-storey home is better suited if you have restricted mobility. 

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