With the Autumn Equinox only days away we look back on our first summer at Brabazon. If you’ve visited The Hangar District over the last few months, it would have been hard to miss the colourful flowerbeds and frontages. 

Brabazon Signage
Brabazon pathways

Designed by Grant Associates, Brabazon is home to a range of trees, shrubs and flowers that will attract wildlife throughout the year. There are a few simple steps that everyone can take to encourage biodiversity and wildlife to their gardens.

Creatures such as bees love bright flowers, while a simple log pile or some bark chippings make a lovely home for beetles, bugs, and worms.

Brabazon visitors centre
Brabazon walkway

All the homes at Brabazon have outdoor space, from large, open terraces, to lawned gardens and private balconies for our apartments. Big or small, there is always space to create your own little ecosystem at Brabazon.

Visit the Brabazon Sales Centre to see how we have transformed our private terrace with climbing plants, bird baths and seasonal planters. Book your visit today on 0330 1234 207.

Brabazon garden
Brabazon garden