Could An Apartment Be The Right Home For You?

If convenience, security and easy access to a variety of facilities are a must for your next place to call home, then you may want to consider apartment living.

8 Reasons To Make The Move To One-Storey Living

Contemplating a shift to a single-storey home?

This article explores what makes apartment living unique in the UK, compares life in an apartment to other housing options, and covers the potential benefits and drawbacks of choosing a one-storey property as your next home.

What is an Apartment in the UK?

An apartment in the UK typically means a self-contained single-storey home within a larger building and normally located in an urban area.

An apartment usually includes a living space, a kitchen, and one or more bathrooms and bedrooms.

What is the Difference Between a Flat and an Apartment?

In the UK, "flat" and "apartment" are often used interchangeably. There is no strict distinction made between them.

A "flat" will typically be a single-storey home within a multi-storey building. "Apartment" may imply a larger, more modern or upscale property, as well as a property that is spread over two floors in a larger building.

House vs. Apartment: The Pros and Cons of Living in an Apartment

8 Pros of Apartment Living

1. More Free Time

Living in an apartment normally involves minimal maintenance. Normally an apartment owner will only be responsible for maintaining the inside of their own property. A management company or managing agent is normally appointed to look after the upkeep of communal and external areas of apartment buildings. This management company will act on behalf of all leaseholders, meaning you get to enjoy a much more hands-off way of living!

2. More on your Doorstep

Apartments often come with the convenience of shared facilities within the building. Imagine having access to a private gym, a beautifully landscaped communal garden or an underground car park, all without leaving the comfort of your home!

They also tend to be situated closer to shops, town centres and high streets, making life more convenient for those who prefer to walk, cycle or use public transport. That means living in an apartment can also save you money by reducing the number of car trips your need to make each day.

3. More Opportunities for Investment

If you’re just starting out on the property ladder or looking to put your money into bricks and mortar with a buy to let, an apartment is an ideal investment.

Apartments tend to be both more affordable to rent than houses. They are also often located in more urban areas, meaning they typically have a broader market of potential tenants. That’s particularly true in places like North Bristol.

For example, a studio apartment at The Dials could set you back less than £200,000. But because The Dials is also at the centre of a world-leading cluster of aviation, engineering and technology companies like Airbus and Rolls-Royce, there are thousands of professional employees needing homes in the local area, making an apartment in the building a great first home or investment property.

4. More Value for Money

Apartments often cost less to buy than a similarly-sized house, making them a great opportunity for first-time buyers trying to get onto the property ladder, or for downsizers looking to release equity from their family home.

A bright, flexible and fully-fitted two-bedroom property at The Dials starts at £305,000 for 681 square feet of space and all the perks that come with single-storey living in a new apartment building!

5. More Peace of Mind

Apartment buildings tend to be more secure than houses, with built-in security features such as CCTV, key-fob and entry-phone access often included as standard. Some may even come with a concierge service or an estate office for that extra peace of mind.

The Dials is one of the most reassuring places to live in North Bristol. It offers gated underground car parking, secure cycle storage, key-fob access and a video entry-phone system as well as CCTV coverage of shared facilities. Plus, an estate manager will be available during office hours to help with any concerns you may have!

6. More Connected

Apartments are often located in urban areas, close to shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Being close to a high street or town centre also means medical centres and schools, community facilities and workspaces are also close at hand.

7. More Sociable

Life in an apartment building is naturally much more social. Whether you’re living alone or you’re new to the area, you’ll find opportunities to meet your new neighbours while passing in the foyer, working out in a communal gym or just relaxing in any shared green spaces.

8. More Energy Efficient

When choosing a flat or apartment, you’ll likely notice the energy savings, with your home typically staying warm and cosy for longer. This is especially true when buying a new-build apartment, which will offer better insulation and new heating and hot water systems when compared to an older property.

At Brabazon, apartments at The Dials also come equipped with new energy-efficient Siemens appliances included as standard.

The Potential Downsides of Living in a Flat or Apartment

Often with more amenities, enhanced security and less maintenance overall, an apartment is a great choice of home. But life on one storey may not be for everyone, and that’s ok!

In comparison, a two-storey home or three-storey townhouse typically offers more private outdoor space and more separate rooms than an apartment, as well as your own front door. A house may therefore be more suited to families or couples working from home who need more space to spread out.

Find Your Dream Home in Bristol

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